Brian Norman

Professor of English
Loyola University Maryland

Brian is Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity, Office of Academic Affairs and Professor of English at Loyola University Maryland. He earned a B.A. in English at Pacific Lutheran University, and a M.A. & Ph.D., English from Rutgers University. Brian is an Americanist who specializes in African American literature, with additional expertise in multi-ethnic and feminist traditions, and a special penchant for James Baldwin. He served as Founding Director of African and African American Studies from 2010-2014. Brian’s research projects arise from his interest in questions of identity, belonging, justice, and the role of literature helping us ask such questions. His newest book is Dead Women Talking: Figures of Injustice in American Literature (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013). He also wrote Neo-Segregation Narratives: Jim Crow in Post-Civil Rights American Literature (U of Georgia Press, 2010) and The American Protest Essay and National Belonging (SUNY Press, 2007). Brian co-edited a collection with Piper Kendrix Williams on Representing Segregation: Toward an Aesthetics of Living Jim Crow, and Other Forms of Racial Division (SUNY Press, 2010), which is an expanded version of a special issue of African American Review (42.1, 2008). He also served on the editorial board of the new James Baldwin Review.