Kathy LaFontana

Assistant VPAA for Program Development Assessment
College of New Rochelle

Kathryn LaFontana has been associated with Collegium since 1997, when she was a faculty fellow at the summer colloquy in Collegeville, Minnesota. Kathy returned as a mentor in 2008 when the colloquy was held at Holy Cross. She has worked at Catholic institutions of higher education throughout her entire career, spending more than 16 years at Sacred Heart University as a psychology faculty member and department chair, and since 2011 She has worked at The College of New Rochelle as Assistant VPAA of New Programs and Assessment. Kathy is also an occasional reviewer for The Journal of Catholic Higher Education, and have done several academic presentations as part of the Psychology Sectorial Group of the International Federation of Catholic Universities. She earned her BSc in Psychology at the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Connecticut.