What does it mean to live out one’s vocation as teacher and scholar in a Catholic college or university? What spiritual and intellectual wells can keep us fresh and nurtured throughout an academic career in such a place? Those are the questions Collegium explores.

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Reduced Fee For Extra Colloquy 2023 Participants

One successful innovation Collegium made this past summer as we returned to an in-person colloquy was the chance for member institutions to send an extra participant for a flat fee of $1500. Over the years, a number of alums reflected that they felt fired up by the colloquy, then a bit daunted when they got back to their campuses in fall and felt like lone voices in the wilderness. Word of mouth is our best recruitment tool—nudge your institutional liaison to consider tapping two people this year to be part of Collegium’s 2023 colloquy in June.

2022-23 Catalyst Grants Awarded

Congratulations and thanks to those who wrote and submitted proposals for projects that truly extend the work of Collegium.

After stalwart patience on the part of campus grant-writers to accommodate the final transition of Collegium operations from College of the Holy Cross to University of Portland, the advisory board is pleased to announce that the 2022/23 Catalyst Grants were awarded to the following teams at the board meeting in late October.